Work Experience Program

Heartland Forest’s Primary focus is to create an environment where people of all abilities can work alongside each other with equally meaningful outcomes. With funding from the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, we are running a structured and goal oriented Work Experience Program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Heartland’s Work Experience Program offer’s a creative and safe environment, and works towards increasing equitable access to participation in community life and providing workplace opportunities. 

While in the Work Experience Program participants will:

  • Identify their strengths and interests
  • Document their progress and goals in a ‘Work Experience Log’
  • Develop ideas and skills for future opportunities
  • Engage in the active community life found at Heartland

Participants of the of the Work Experience Program will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the following areas:

  • Facility set up
  • Indoor and outdoor maintenance
  • Programming

*Please be aware, the Work Experience Program has a ratio of 5:1 and will work towards a goal of independent work. As the program progresses individuals will be given increased opportunities to complete assigned tasks without supervision.

Various time slots available

Transportation assistance may be available

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Work Experience Coordinator

“Congratulations on a successful term with the work experience team! I appreciate their positive attitude, willingness to work/help in any area, and to learn as much as they can. It is clear they wanted to do a great job, keeping guest satisfaction a priority. They have gained valuable soft skills, increased knowledge of workplace settings and confidence. I thank all of you for a job well done!”

Rita Maier

Facility Services


“The best thing that has happened is I have met people and made friends. I learn a lot when I come here. It makes me feel good that I can help somewhere. I am happy that I have something to keep me busy now that I am done school, and that I am needed somewhere and it makes a difference.

This is significant because it makes me feel good to help others. It makes me feel good that I am learning new things that may help me find a job in the future. It makes me feel good that I have made new friends.”

Stephanie Lahey

Work Experience Member