Salutes Our Volunteers!

There's no doubt about it... our incredible volunteers are what make Heartland Forest an inviting, relaxing and beautiful place. Whether it is planning events, participating on a committee, pulling invasive weeds, planting trees and flowers, stuffing envelopes or assisting in our Forest Discovery programs, they make a difference!

If you are interested in volunteering at Heartland Forest, use our contact form and choose volunteering from the drop down list. We will be sure to contact you.

Thank you to each one who gives of their time and talents.  EVERY contribution is unique and vital to the success of Heartland Forest. Check out the following volunteers of the month - we are so proud!

November 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Bob Moody

Bob has been a part of the Heartland family since 2007 when he volunteered as the lead carpenter for the construction of the tree house and he has been volunteering ever since. There isn’t a construction project on site that he hasn’t been involved with.
His creativity and carpentry skills are a gift to Heartland Forest. His patience and caring concern for people of all abilities is evident in all he does. His ’to do’ list is pretty long and there is often a line up at his door!
Thank you Bob!

October 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Karen Hillhouse

Karen joined Heartland as a volunteer in August. She has her diploma in Horticulture and has dedicated numerous hours to maintaining our gardens and pathways. She loves to be active and bikes in to volunteer and assist with any project that needs doing.
We are so thankful for the help and dedication of volunteers like Karen.

Summer Volunteers

Jason Price

Jason began volunteering with our Forest Discovery Team in 2019 and has invested countless hours in garden maintenance. He was back this year as soon as the weather permitted. What a gift he is to Heartland!
We are thrilled to share that under the
Niagara Prosperity Initiative we were able to extend an employment contract to Jason for August & September. It’s a win-win.
Cheers for all you do!

Natalie Raven

Natalie has been volunteering at the forest for years—our first memories of her are during summer camp where she led drumming circles for the campers.
For the last couple of years she has been sharing her horticulture knowledge and experience with us! We appreciate all you do Natalie.
Thank you!

Ryan MacWhirter

Ryan is one of our newest volunteers who literally digs in and gets to work
and is all about finishing what he starts and producing results.
We can’t believe what you have accomplished in such a short time—thank you for giving back to your community.

June 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Asher Bowman

Asher and his mom and dad—Anna-Marie and Rowan—donated a red maple to Heartland which was planted just outside the Nature Centre.
Asher comes weekly to water the tree which is pretty important, especially during this hot weather. Opa Dan is pretty proud of you Asher. You are a great friend of the forest!
Thank you!

May 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Judy Riley

Cheers for Judy Riley of St.Catharines for making masks, with proceeds circling back to Heartland Forest and other charities close to her heart. Thank you Judy for being such a great friend. We wear your masks with pride!

April 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Steven Ingram

There are really no words to express our appreciation for all Steven does. He is our ’tech’ guy and there isn’t a day that goes by without someone calling out “Steven I need your help!” Of course, his typical response is ‘BLAH’! During these challenging days, Steven is hard at work at home making sure our web-site, social media platforms and emails are working properly. You’re the best.

March 2020
Volunteers of the Month

Guardians of the Children

Guardians of the Children is a Biker Organization dedicated to protecting the victims of child abuse. We love their hearts for kids and all they do in our community. Pictured here are a few of the Guardians at WinterFest. They joined our volunteer crew a couple of years ago and their help with parking, maintenance and safety at events is immeasurable.

February 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Amy & Brenda

Amy Clark and Brenda Ryan both work for the Casino and they have been volunteering their time at Heartland events for the last couple of years. Every year based on their volunteer hours the Casino donates $100 each to Heartland—WOW—a double bonus!
We are so grateful for your beautiful smiles and confident support. You make the chaos of events easier for everyone you work with.
Pictured here amidst the WinterFest food court—you are still smiling!

January 2020
Volunteer of the Month

Kathy Felice

There are no words to properly thank you Kathy for bringing your dream of a puppet program to Heartland Forest. We are entering our fourth year and it is all because of YOU and a wonderful team of puppeteers!