The Property

Our Mission

Inspiring people of all ages and all abilities
to respect, protect and enjoy the world of nature.

For over a decade, Heartland Forest has served Niagara Region through its universal dedication to inspire & enrich the lives of people of all abilities through inclusive program offerings and hands on exploration. Located in the southwest portion of Niagara Falls, within the urban boundary, Heartland Forest is a wonderful example of a Carolinian Forest including seasonal wetlands that clearly demonstrate the amazing diversity of life that exists here. Ninety-three of our 200 plus acres are designated as Provincially Significant Wetland. This wetland is largely comprised of a swamp forest, also known as a slough forest. In terms of both wetland and Carolinian Forest coverage, this area presents one of the largest remaining ecosystems of its kind in the Niagara Region and is a valuable refuge for many species at risk.

Over the years the property has developed to include forest trails and boardwalks, picnic pavilions, mini-putt, one of the largest tree-houses in Canada, fish, frog and turtle ponds with boardwalks and our 14,000 square foot Nature Centre - all accessible. Parents can push a stroller through the woods on the wide, easy-access paths. People who use mobility devices can park close to the entrance to the forest and lose themselves in nature without worrying about encountering roots, rocks, curbs and steps. We are a much-loved community resource, open to the public year-round - free of charge. Donations boxes are located throughout the property and are so appreciated.

Each year, more than 25,000 visitors come to experience the natural features and accessible trails and facilities on this unique property. Programming includes wetland and woodland restoration, environmental education and inclusive adventure camps; adaptable active living activities for children, adults and seniors; programming for persons with disabilities; and an accessible wood working shop.

All trails are considered easy and accessible unless marked.

A - Pin Oak Trail (442m)

B - Black Gum Trail (926m)

C - OTF Boardwalk Trail (275m)

D - Accessible Pollinator Loop (124m)

E - OPG Pollinator Trail (540m)

Be sure to enjoy these highlights on your visit!

1 - Nature Centre

2 - Early Settler's Cabin

3 - CTFS Pavilion

4 - Creative Play Centre

5 - Storywalk Start

6 - OTF Outback Program Area

7 - Forest Platforms

8 - Tree House

9 - Turtle Lookout

10 - Coyote and Fox Pavilions

11 - Wolf and Bear Pavilions

12 - Fish Pond Boardwalk

13 - Parkside Washrooms

14 - Mario's Mini Putt

15 - Picnic and Play Area

16 - Campfire Pit

17 - Observation Platform

18 - Challenge Course

Heartland Forest's trails and facilities are accessible!