Summer Camp Registration

When you submit the registration form you will be directed to a new page that confirms the form has been submitted succesfully – if the form returns to the top it means you have missed a required field. Please scroll down and fill in all required fields.

If you experience any difficulties submitting your registration please contact us at or phone us at (905)-356-7384

*ALERT* Heartland Forest is proud to offer an inclusive camp.   If your child has any level of special need (identified or suspected: behavioral; communication; developmental; intellectual; physical; emotional; social) – you must contact Amy Brunning or Lisa Staton to arrange for an interview.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

We reserve the right to remove your child from camp if any special needs have not been declared prior to attending camp. This ensures the safety and well-being of all camp participants and enables your child to have the best camp experience.  Please note: food and insect allergies do not qualify as special needs.

If you have not received a confirmation email, contact us at or phone us at (905)-356-7384