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Integrated learning ~ Stewardship ~ Critical thinking skills

Making connections ~ Cross-curricular

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There is a minimum booking fee of 20 students.

Programs  tailored to curriculum links JK-Gr.12

Fabulous Fall Forest Sept- Dec 2018 *Gr 1—8

Investigate the mysterious lives of bats, snakes and ravens. Discover the hidden talents of these creatures with hands on activities and challenges. $10/student

Fall Fest Visits Oct 2018 *ELKP—8

Includes Fabulous Fall Forest program plus a train ride and pumpkin to take home.  Check out our Fall Fest flyer $13/student

Trees Please

Explore Heartland Forest and learn tree id and fun facts about our beautiful deciduous forest. Parts of a plant, lifecycle, adaptations, forest community, Human uses through history, human impact, and how we benefit from the trees and plants around us are covered through interactive game stations. Includes tree craft – grade 3   $10.00/student

Ecosystems Investigation  Sept  - Nov 2018 * Gr 7—10

Participate in the ongoing monitoring programs conducted here at Heartland Forest. Visit  our Malaise trap (inventory of aerial insects), benthic investigations including collecting at our new boardwalk/observation tower and soil sampling. Students use critical thinking skills to discuss the effects of human activity on the populations of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  A scavenger hunt and team games enhance learning outcomes. $10/student

Migrate, Hibernate or Adapt  Nov 2018- Mar 2019*ELKP—8

A guided trail hike interprets the biodiversity of Heartland Forest’s Provincially Significant Wetlands.  Become familiar with the mammal species of Ontario through field assessment of tracks and signs.  A hands on examination of wildlife artifacts opens discussion on adaptations for migration and hibernation along with physiological changes.  $10/student

Winter Wonderland Nov 12—Dec 2018 *pre-school, ELKP—2  (HALF DAY 9:30—12:00)

Stay warm and cozy in our nature centre and then explore outdoors! take a journey through the lifecycle of a tree and meet some  native conifers. Then play our deer game to compare physical differences between caribou (reindeer), moose, elk and our local white tailed deer. Head outside to go tracking along our forest trail. Enjoy a hayride (weather permitting) and warm up with delicious apple cider. Check out our winter wonderland flyer  $6/student

Frogfest Apr - May 2019 *ELKP –8

Explore interactive learning stations featuring FROGS, FISH and INSECTS and foster stewardship of the natural environment.  Check out our Frogfest flyer $10/student

Year End Trips June 2019 *ELKP—8

Spend an exciting morning on a guided discovery tour with interactive learning stations and a scavenger hunt. Enjoy your snack and picnic lunch under a pavilion, try out our obstacle course, take a StoryWalk  on the forest trail, explore the  playground, have a game of mini-putt and take a train ride.  $11/student

Team Challege with Low Ropes Sept—Nov 2018, April—June 2019 *grade 4 (age9) and up

Our certified instructors guide students through course challenges designed to develop communication, problem solving teamwork and physical skills. weather dependent 2 hour program $8/student

Introduction to low ropes addon. $4/student

Add a train ride to any program

$1/student (min. $25)


ALL  PROGRAMS  RUN 9:30-2:00

unless stated above

Adults $4.00    Staff complementary

Payment due prior to, or upon arrival

Picnic pavilion reservation included