School Programs


Integrated learning ~ Inquiry-based

Stewardship ~  Critical thinking skills

Making connections ~ Cross-curricular

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There is a minimum booking fee of 20 students.

Fabulous Fall Forest Sept - Dec 2017 *Gr 1—8

Investigate the mysterious lives of owls, bats and spiders. Discover the hidden talents of these creatures with hands on activities and challenges. $10/student

Fall Fest Visits Oct 2017 *ELKP—8

Includes Fabulous Fall Forest program plus a train ride and pumpkin to take home.  Check out our Fall Fest flyer $13/student

Ecosystems Investigation  Sept  - Oct  7, 2017 * Gr 7—9

Participate in the ongoing monitoring programs conducted here at Heartland Forest. Visit  our Malaise trap (inventory of aerial insects), benthic investigations including collecting at our new boardwalk/observation tower and soil sampling. Students use critical thinking skills to discuss the effects of human activity on the populations of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  A scavenger hunt and team games enhance learning outcomes.

Migrate, Hibernate or Adapt  Nov - Mar 2018 *ELKP—8

A guided trail hike interprets the biodiversity of Heartland Forest’s Provincially Significant Wetlands.  Become familiar with the mammal species of Ontario through field assessment of tracks and signs.  A hands on examination of wildlife artifacts opens discussion on adaptations for migration and hibernation along with physiological changes.  $10/student

Go Global! with ACER Apr 2018 *Gr. 7—9

Students explore forest ecology using Smithsonian scientific protocols.  Staff-lead tree ID, compass work and triangulation within a forest quadrant to monitor for  long-term changes.  Data is compiled and shared to show trends as well as measure biodiversity.  Discussion is cross-curricular. $10/student

Frogfest Apr - May 2018 *ELKP –8

Frogfest 2018 Explore interactive learning stations featuring FROGS,SALAMANDERS and TURTLES and foster stewardship of the natural environment.  Check out our Frogfest flyer $10/student

Year End Trips June 2018 *ELKP—8

Spend an exciting morning on a guided discovery tour with interactive learning stations and a scavenger hunt. Enjoy your snack and picnic lunch under a pavilion, try out our obstacle course, take a StoryWalk  on the forest trail, explore the  playground, have a game of mini-putt and take a train ride.  $11/student

Add a train ride to any program

$1/student (min. $25)


PROGRAMS  RUN 4.5 hrs.   9:30-2:00

Dec, Jan, Feb, programs run 2.5 hours 9:30-12:00 $8/student fee

 (alternate times may be arranged)

Programs  tailored to curriculum links JK-Gr.12

Adults $4.00    Staff complementary

Payment due prior to, or upon arrival

Picnic pavilion reservation included