School Bookings FAQ

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To contact us about programming please use our contact form and select programming.

You will complete a request form with all of your school information, then you will select the date of your trip.
Call in to manage your bookings.
If you’re done the Programming Request Form and have selected a date, your trip is considered booked. If there are any issues with your booking submission, you will be contacted within two business days. Otherwise, we’re excited to have you visiting soon!
Cheque is preferred, but we can accept Visa, MasterCard and cash. Full cost is based on the number of participants stated on the Programming Request Form (or the minimum cost of twenty [20] participants, whichever is greater).
You can submit payment 2 weeks prior to your visit. Timely payment is appreciated.
To adjust the number of participants, simply confirm the number of participants exactly TWO WEEKS prior to your visit. Cost will be based on the adjusted number of participants or the minimum cost of twenty (20) participants, whichever is greater.
Programs run from 9:30am to 2:00pm including breaks for snack and lunch, unless otherwise stated in any programming publications. If early departure is needed after the booking is made, please advise our staff upon arrival. Note: Early Learners, ELKP, and Special Needs may book half-day programs (2 hours).
A minimum of fifteen (15) days notice is required to cancel a booking without penalty. Bookings canceled within fifteen (15) days of a booking will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Confirmed groups that do not attend and do not provide notice will be charged the full booking price.
Our programs will continue to run in rainy and/or snowy conditions. Please come prepared and dressed for the weather. Pavilions are in place to accommodate and adjust programming in the case of inclement weather.
Picnic pavilions are included within all program bookings for snack and lunch times. We have a litterless lunch and allergy-free policy. Note: For special morning programs, please advise at the time of booking as to if the group will stay for lunch. Indoor space may be reserved with advanced booking. Cleaning fees apply.
Dropoff location changes. You can call in or use our contact form a few days ahead. There is ample free parking on site.
Heartland Forest is an allergy-free facility. We ask that all visitors comply, but we cannot guarantee a completely allergy-free environment.
There is no place on site to purchase products. We have a litterless and allergy-free lunch policy.
The Heartland Forest Nature Experience property was purposefully designed around accessibility. Most of the facilities are fully accessible and we are endorsed by Accessible Niagara.
We do have insects on the property that may bite or sting, but occurrences are rare. Proper precautions such as staying on the trails and wearing light-coloured clothing are recommended. Should you wish to apply bug spray, please do so outside and well away from any entrances.
All school staff are complimentary. Other adults, such as parents, are charged a $4.00 program fee.
There are facilities at the Nature Centre that are open during office hours. We have a new washroom facility by the playground area.
Requests can be sent by email and will be considered under the discretion of the program team. Please send any requests by using our contact form and selecting programming.