Our Volunteers



MARCH 2019

Volunteer of the Month

Kathy Felice and Lend-A-Hand Puppeteers

If you grew up watching Lamb Chop, the Muppets, Howdy Doody, or Punch and Judy, you understand just how magical puppets can be for children. Under the leadership of Kathy Felice, we salute a dedicated group of puppeteers who bring alive a world of fantasy and imagination. With a variety of handmade puppets, a colorful theater, amazing props and background music, this talented group captivates audiences of all ages! The squeals and laughter of your fans is testament to the joy and fun they experience during these one-of-a-kind performances! Thank you for sharing your gift with so many!



Volunteer of the Month

Andrew McIntyre

This month we celebrate a wonderful addition to our ’Volunteer Family’.  Andrew brings a warm spirit and dedication to all tasks, and is a real joy to be around.  Dan truly enjoys working with you and appreciates your willingness to lend a hand to the many “to do’s”, both inside the facility and on the grounds.  Andrew brings cheerful energy to everything he does.  We are so appreciative of your commitment and dedication.  Andrew, you are a true friend of the forest and we thank you for all the cheer you bring to all of us!



Volunteer of the Month 

Alex Thatcher

Alex, you are a fantastic addition to Heartland Forest.  Always ready with a cheerful smile and friendly attitude, Alex is willing to put in extra hours to do whatever is needed.  

That’s what makes you so special.  We love how you interact with all ages and abilities – making them feel welcome and special. We truly appreciate all you do and thank you for sharing your lovely spirit with all of us!