Lend a Hand Puppet Project

This new and exciting program will appeal to creative people as participants will be involved in designing and creating puppet characters, writing skits, building sets and props, and performing for live audiences.

The project is funded by the new Horizons for Seniors Program through Employment and Social Development Canada.  The focus is on the recruitment of seniors as participants however adult volunteers of all ages are welcome as Heartland Forest programs rely on volunteerism.  It’s a great opportunity for like minded people of all ages to work together and create a ‘cast of puppet characters’ for Heartland Forest.

We are pleased to announce that this project is now underway with a Spring Session of puppet building classes scheduled.  All classes are instructor led and all materials are provided.  There are no fees to participants and we ask only that you ‘lend a hand’ to our puppet project.   Heartland Forest Nature Centre will be home to all completed puppets.

Puppet of all personalities, shapes and sizes will be created.  Full and half-body like the infamous ‘Muppets’, hand and sock puppets too!  The possibilities are endless and require the imagination and hands of volunteers to build and bring them to life.

This project is more than puppets…it’s about generations of people across all cultures working together…to create “cast of puppet characters” that will come to life and entertain and educate children and adults alike.  

Be part of this exciting project…Lend A Hand!

Kathy Felice, Project Coordinator