Camp FAQ

To contact us about camp please email


How do I register my child for camp?

To register your child for camp please visit this link

Any child with special needs will need to be interviewed by Heartland’s senior camp staff to determine if Heartland can meet their needs while at camp. To arrange an interview please contact:

Lisa Staton (extension 108) or Kirsten Koyle (extension 106).

For more information on special needs campers please visit this link


What is the welcome letter?

Heartland Forest sends out a welcome letter one week before the start of camp that will outline what the main activities will be, and what your child should bring to be prepared for camp.

If you do not receive a welcome letter, please check your junk mail.


When can I expect my welcome letter?

You can expect to receive your welcome letter one week before the week your child is registered to attend camp. If your child is registered for more than one week checking each week’s welcome letter is recommended as information may change.

If you do not receive a welcome letter, please check your junk mail.


How do I know my child’s registrations submitted correctly?

Immediately after submitting your child’s registration you should receive an automatic email confirmation. If you do not see this confirmation, please check your junk mail.

If you have checked your junk mail and still do not see the confirmation email please contact Helena Nieuwland ext. 111


How do I make a payment for camp?

You may complete payments by Visa or Mastercard by clicking this link or by phoning the Nature Center at 905-356-7384 ext. 111.

If you need to pay with a debit card or with cash, please visit our Nature Centre during our regular hours of operation Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Please note payments made with cash will need to be made with the exact amount owing – Heartland Forest does not keep a float to make change.


When are payments for camp due?

Payments are due once you have submitted your registration, only once a payment has been made will your child’s space be secured for camp.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, debit and cash.


What is Before and After Care?

Before care is a service Heartland Forest offers that allows parents and guardians to drop their child off for camp at 8am (1 hour before the start of camp).

After care is a service Heartland Forest offers that allows parents and guardians to pick their child from camp at 5pm (1 hour after camp is finished).

Both before and after care services are supervised by Heartland Forest camp counsellors and will follow the same ratio we use during our regular camp programming (1 to 8).


How much is Before and After Care?

Before care is $5 per day for each child

After care is $5 per day for each child


When are payments due for Before and After Care?

Payments for before and after care payments are due upon signing up. It is important to communicate with the staff of Heartland Forest ahead of time if you feel you may need before and/or after care services so we can ensure we have sufficient camp counselors available to supervise the campers.


What if we have to cancel?

A minimum of fifteen (15) days’ notice is required to cancel without penalty. Cancelations within fifteen (15) days will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Confirmed camper that do not attend and do not provide notice will not receive a refund.


Do programs run in all weather conditions?

Our programs will continue to run in rainy conditions. Please send your child prepared and dressed for the weather. Pavilions are in place to accommodate and adjust programming in the case of inclement weather.


How long is Heartland Forest’s Summer Camp?

Heartland Forest’s standard summer camp runs from 9am-4pm. Before and after care services are available.


How does Heartland Forest handle allergies?

Heartland Forest is an allergy-free facility. We ask that all visitors comply, but we cannot guarantee a completely allergy-free environment.


What should I pack for my child’s lunch?

Please pack a nutritious litter free, peanut free lunch and morning and afternoon snack. Please note  refrigeration is not available. Please include a refillable water bottle. Lunch pails, water bottles, as well as hats, need to be labelled with your child’s name.


Will my child be able to wash their hands?

Heartland Forest encourages handwashing before eating snack and lunch. There are multiple sinks within our Nature Centre and handwashing stations and hand sanitizers are available beside our outdoor pavilions.


Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

The location for both drop off and pick up is in front of our pavilions on the Parkside (up from the mini-putt).


What are Heartland Forests policies on sunscreen and bug spray?

Please send your child with sunscreen, reminders to apply or reapply sunscreen will be given in the morning, at both snack times, after lunch and anytime after playing water games. The younger campers will be double checked to ensure they applied their sunscreen.

Please only send your child to camp with sunscreen or bug spray labelled safe for children use. If you do not want sunscreen or bug spray applied to your child please provide a note upon drop off the first Monday your child attends camp.


Are the mosquitoes/ticks bad?

We do have insects on the property that may bite or sting, but occurrences are rare. Proper precautions such as wearing light-coloured clothing and bug spray are recommended. Please only send your child to camp with bug spray labelled safe for children use.


How does Heartland Forest provide special need support?

Heartland Forest provides an inclusive camp experience for children with special needs. Heartland Forest offers support staff with 1:3 ratio support with our camp councillor or 1:1 support with our Reach for the Rainbow camp councillor.


How does Heartland Forest determine if they are able to support a child with special needs?

All potential campers with special needs must meet with our senior camp staff for an interview. Throughout their interview our camp staff will determine if Heartland Forest will be able to meet the needs of the potential camper, based off questions related to the activities of camp and the property.


How do the campers get divided into groups?

Campers are divided by age to provide programming tailored to stages of child development and to encourage lasting friendships within peer groups. Snack, lunch times and some camp games will be enjoyed by the entire camp allowing time for siblings to socialize.


Can I request to have my child placed in the same group as their friend or family member?

We do understand that for some children it is comforting to be with familiar and supportive family and friends until they’ve had a chance to make more new friends.  Upon request we can accommodate by placing siblings together during our first hour of welcome games but our Monday programming is designed to ease the friendship making process and most children feel comfortable on their own very early on in the day.


What is the ratio of camp staff to campers?

Heartland Forest’s camp ratio is 1 camp counselor to 8 camp participants.


What are Heartland Forest’s policies on bullying?

To see Heartland Forests policies please visit this link (this will be a link to our policy once its been approved).


Does Heartland Forest have a lost and found?

Yes, Heartland Forest keeps all items found within the buildings and property at our front reception desk. Any items unclaimed after 1 month will be donated to a local thrift store. Please label your campers clothing with their first and last name so that camp staff can return items to their owners.