Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

ON HOLD pending evolving COVID-19 guidelines


Receive one-to-one support from experienced wood working instructors in a safe and compassionate environment. Clients of the Rehabilitation Program will be encouraged to choose a custom project and be guided through all steps involved from planning to completion.

Heartland Forest offers a unique opportunity to create a custom plan designed around individual funding and desired learning outcomes. Experience the therapeutic benefits of increased community engagement, gross/fine motor development, problem solving and creative expression.

For more information please contact: Helena Nieuwland

(905) 356-7384 ext. 111

“I feel like we are a family here”

-Mike Deguili (Woodshop Client)

“When I came here I had a number of challenges mostly mental and some mechanical, when I’m in the shop I don’t stutter at all, everyone here is use to working with people who have challenges and I’m really amazed by how well these people overcome their challenges by being able to discover new things that they enjoy”

- Alfred Weston (Woodshop Client & Volunteer)